Imagine the power of your people performing as one!

Let us engage, motivate and inspire your team to experience the full potential of working together in perfect harmony.
No musical experience is needed!

Option 1: Team Drumming

Using interactive drumming, our experienced musicians & facilitators guide your people to drum together as one team in a motivating, engaging and fun atmosphere.


What are the outcomes?
  • Strategies to increase workplace performance
  • Develop teamwork, communication, networks & rapport
  • Take teams outside their comfort zone & achieve shared success
  • A powerful sense of collaboration
  • ‘WOW’ factor & fun
  • Individual & team development report using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). (optional)
When to use?
  • Conferences
  • Evening conference events
  • Off sites
  • Away days
  • Training programs
  • Leadership development
  • Team meetings
  • Campaign and product launches
  • Work-life balance programs
Who is it for?

Everyone from board members and executive teams through to new graduates and frontline staff. Learning outcomes are pitched according to what will be most beneficial to team members in the workplace.

Duration & numbers?

Duration is flexible to meet your agenda needs. Sessions can run from 10 minutes through to full days as required. Groups of any size can be catered for.

FAQ: Do participants need previous musical experience?

No. Programs do not require anyone to be a musician or to have played instruments before. Our programs emphasise leadership, teamwork, learning and fun, they are not about a person’s musical ability.

Option 2: Create your own business theme song

Come together as one team to play these melody tubes. Hit them, bang them and before you know it your whole team has created a room full of music and melody and fun.

The result: a unified, refreshed and focused team performing as one.


Option 3: Dancing with the staff

Challenge your team to move to the same beat as they learn to dance with Australia’s best. Expand your team’s natural comfort zone and achieve shared success.

The result: a unified, refreshed and focused team performing as one.


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