Realising the potential of your leaders.

Grow, develop and empower your people to reach their potential and they will deliver top results for your business. Results such as:

  • Market share
  • Innovation and adaptability
  • Business growth
  • Motivated & satisfied staff

What do we offer?

Our Leadership Development is for people wanting to develop their leadership competencies and considers five key components of high performance leadership:

  1. Leadership styles
  2. Team development
  3. Communication
  4. Stress management
  5. Problem solving & decision making






Participants will achieve the following outcomes:

1. Leadership styles
  • Understand their preferred leadership style
  • See what impact their leadership style has on others
  • Appreciate, value and learn from different leadership styles
  • Develop competencies in Emotional Intelligence that relate to high performance leadership
  • Receive an individual, tailored development report using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
2. Team development
  • Appreciate the various stages of team development
  • Understand the key components of high performing teams
  • Understand and maximise the impact of different roles and responsibilities within teams
  • Apply tangible tools to promote team balance
  • Facilitate team collaboration, commitment, trust and buy-in
3. Communication
  • Lead effective, fulfilling and powerful conversations
  • Influence, motivate and involve others through conversation
  • Deal with conflict
  • Give and receive feedback for business impact
  • oach others for improved performance
4. Stress management
  • Recognise and appreciate the causes of stress
  • See how and why leading organisations around the world are targeting stress reduction in staff
  • Realise the impact of stress in both their personal and business lives
  • Apply effective tools that can be used to manage and reduce stress
  • Manage their thoughts for high performance
5. Problem solving & decision making
  • Understand and apply a range of analysis tools and frameworks
  • Effectively think of the ‘bigger picture’ and all stakeholders
  • Test ideas through effective and structured procedures
  • Apply a range of problem solving techniques

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