01. Initiating change program



Suncorp is the largest Compulsory Third Party (CTP) provider in Queensland, insuring more than 1.5 million vehicles in the state.

The Suncorp CTP Claims Department had 12,000 paper files but was planning to implement a change from paper to paperless files. “We wanted to do something different to highlight that you do not need to be afraid of doing something different” said Karen Finegan, Leader CTP Claims QLD at Suncorp.


Suncorp’s objective was to instill a sense of fun by planning an event with a “WOW” factor. “We wanted to demonstrate how great results can be achieved through teamwork and ensure everyone had a willingness to embrace change and give something new a go”, said Finegan.


“We sent all participants a meeting planner. The meeting planner simply said, ‘Let’s launch imaging with a BANG!’. Imaging is the name of the project we were undertaking and everything else was left to their imagination. No one was able to guess what we had planned.” Many participants said afterwards that they “would not have imagined in a lifetime that we had drumming planned!”


Suncorp was very satisfied with the results. “The feedback we received from staff was extremely positive”, said Finegan. The comments from staff after the event were very encouraging. One particular staff member commented, “I found the drumming to be exhilarating – I left there on such a high – it was amazing!”


02. Generating ideas for business growth


Drawtism is an awareness and fund-raising event encouraging people to “Play Pictionary for Autism”. Drawtism seeks to increase the community’s empathy for those affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder by engaging the public in the communication challenges and frustrations inherent in Pictionary.

Drawtism is run like a fast growing business. At the core of this is its effectiveness in balancing key relationships linking the ‘For-profit’, Not-for-profit’ and ‘Community’ sectors.

Launched in Victoria in 2008 Drawtism became a national event in 2009. In 2010 Drawtism will become an international initiative, coupling it with Pictionary’s 25th Anniversary. Pictionary is a board game produced by Mattel, the largest toy manufacturer in the world.


Drawtism’s current objectives are:

  • to increase awareness of and empathy for sufferers of Autism Spectrum Disorder through national and international campaigns based on Pictionary.
  • to raise, through these campaigns, urgently needed funds.
  • to engage the wider community in a fun and appealing way that is based on teamwork and cooperation.


After this year’s Drawtism campaign a one-day review conference was held. It was attended by National Affiliates and key strategic partners from around Australia.

Rhythm Effect’s role in this conference was to:

  • run an afternoon energiser to invigorate the minds and bodies of participants in order to enhance the effectiveness of their contributions.
  • facilitate a series of idea generation (brainstorming) sessions in order to produce ideas for the campaign’s future development.

The idea generation sessions focussed on the generation of new ideas to:

  1. ensure that Drawtism engages and retains 30%-50%* of 2009 Hosts** in 2010 and, consequently, to grow long-term involvement and sustainability.
  2. increase the number of new Hosts in order to grow the market participation of Drawtism in 2010.
  3. increase the conversion^ of people from being simply interested, registered participants to involved Hosts.


  • # 11% retained from 2008 to 2009.
  • * Hosts are people who conduct a fundraising game of Pictionary and bank funds from the game for the campaign.
  • ^ Current conversion = 45%. Industry best practice target is 70%-80%.


With only a day to host the review conference, our time was limited. The morning was devoted to reporting and analysing key aspects of the 2009 campaign, while the afternoon focused on coming up with new ideas for Drawtism in 2010.

“To start generating ideas we needed to shift from the deep analytical mode we were in, to a fertile creative mode. With that in mind, Greg orchestrated an energiser to alter the room’s atmosphere, setting the scene for a productive afternoon of idea generation” said Wojciech Nadachowski, National Campaign Manager, Drawtism.

Nadachowski continued, “I have attended many a brainstorm session, and often such sessions struggle to maintain momentum, energy and effectiveness. This session was very different. Greg moved us along at a pace that kept the flow of ideas constant. At the end, I was surprised to have so many quality ideas that are easy to implement. This was a terrific result and a highlight of the conference for me”.